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Becoming an effective Gold Coast topless waitress

You know, being a topless waitress Gold Coast has isn’t the only thing you can do; you can also be a topless waitress Gold Coast features. Being a competent bartender entails developing your table service abilities, developing client connections, and proving that you’re a dependable and trustworthy employee. Your job requires a mix of technical expertise, such as learning how to correctly serve beverages, and salesmanship, such as knowing your clients, particularly your regulars. Furthermore, being a competent bartender will … Continue reading “Becoming an effective Gold Coast topless waitress”

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McDonald’s and IoT

McDonald’s doesn’t always get the best reputation, but when it comes to innovation in the fast food industry, they are crushing it. No, drones are not delivering your Big Macs (although they might in the not so distant future), but McDonald’s has been consistently increasing efficiency with IoT. They were one of the first to accept payment with Google Wallet, they recently accepted payment with hugs and are also looking to cut costs with cloud and remote management as well as providing touch-screen … Continue reading “McDonald’s and IoT”

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Major League Baseball´s Beacons

It is baseball season again and that comes with new and improved beacon uses. 20 of the 30 MLB stadiums rolled out beacons last season. Fans could check into the stadium with their app connecting via bluetooth. Teams will then, for example, provide maps, video clips, concession offers and the ability to upgrade seats. To ensure they are used appropriately, the league dictates where to place them and what messages can be sent. Teams should be able to get more creative as … Continue reading “Major League Baseball´s Beacons”