How to know when your seo agency is performing well

How to know when your SEO agency is performing well

There are several excellent SEOs available. I’m hoping you’re collaborating with one of them. Here are a few encouraging signals that you’ve found an excellent seo agency partner.

They have deliverables, for starters.

A good seo agency will show you what they’re doing. They may not be able to show you first-page results, but they can show you proof of their work.

They may, for example, present you the following:

  • Real sites with dofollow backlinks to your website
  • An action-oriented audit of your site, homepage, content, or link profile.
  • A weekly or monthly report detailing their efforts and how your site ranks.

Although SEO companies cannot wave a magic wand to increase rankings, they may help. It’s a positive indicator if they show you precisely what they’re doing.

How to know when your SEO agency is performing well

They Have Improvement Recommendations

No SEO can assist you until you help them assist you. (Did you hear me?)

If they advise you to take particular measures, it means the agency wants to collaborate with you as a partner. If you follow their instructions, you’ll almost certainly get the results you’re looking for.

Here are some of the things that reputable SEO business may advise:

  • Launch a content marketing plan 
  • Start a blog 
  • Add content to your homepage 
  • Integrate internal linking into your existing content 
  • Optimize all site content 
  • Add alt tags to images 
  • Change your robots.txt to allow crawling on other portions of the site 
  • Create a sitemap.xml 
  • Improve site speed 
  • Add WP plugins like Super Cache or Yoast to improve site speed

When an SEO agency offers such suggestions, they aren’t necessarily attempting to upsell or defraud you. Sure, “added services” like audits and content could be costly. But this isn’t a frivolous expenditure on your behalf. These SEO services are meant to assist you.

If you don’t comply, some SEO services will outrightly terminate you, the customer. That may seem harsh, but it’s a clear indicator that the agency is behaving properly and wearing a white hat.

How to know when your SEO agency is performing well

Your standing rises

Ah, rank! Everyone enjoys discussing rank, and everyone enjoys seeing rank progress. If your SEO agency is helping you improve your ranking, you’re probably in excellent hands.

Here are some indicators of a genuine and trustworthy ranking improvement:

  • Your site ranks for your target keywords 
  • Your site ranks on Google’s first page 
  • Your site ranks for a range of longtail keywords 
  • Your ranking remains stable It’s typical to move a few spots up and down on a weekly basis. Dropping many positions for several days at a time is not a smart idea.

Your traffic decreases, but your revenue increases.

Working with a skilled SEO service may result in a decrease in visitors.

Is this anything to be concerned about? Yes, but only if your income decreases. Your traffic may decrease, but your income may grow.

Remember this: Your objective is to generate focused traffic rather than a large amount of visitors. You’ll increase your earnings if you get less traffic, but it’s excellent traffic. How so?

Traffic that originates from 1) the proper longtail keywords and 2) the right audience is considered “good traffic.” This kind of website visitors is more likely to convert. As a consequence, with fewer visits, you receive more conversions and money. (Thank you, fantastic SEO agency.)

Six Guidelines for Working with an SEO Agency

There are a few things you should take to determine if you’re dealing with a scam or a legitimate agency. Here are my six guidelines for dealing with an SEO agency.

1. Have Patience

Have you been with an agency for three months and have yet to see any “results?” Relax. SEO requires patience.

2. Conduct independent research

I suggest that you study all you can about SEO and keep up with any industry developments. Learn the fundamentals of your business by reading prominent digital marketing blogs (like this one!).

Do not assume that your SEO agency has all of the greatest information. They’re sometimes simply relying on out-of-date approaches in the hopes of getting someplace. It won’t.

3. Collaborate with your SEO agency

SEO is a collaborative activity, so consider your agency as a partner in the process. If they ask you to do anything and it’s a decent agency, please do it.

You’ll have to share the responsibility if you’ve requested them to undertake SEO work for you. SEO is a complex subject. Some of it will be done by them. You must also take action.

4. Expect no guarantees (or a refund)

SEOs are unable to guarantee their results. Sorry. They can’t provide “100% satisfaction” or “complete money-back guarantees,” as other businesses can. Why not? Because SEO is always changing.

SEOs are dealing with forces beyond their control, namely the Google Power. It’d be like Apple declaring, “Yes, Microsoft’s work is guaranteed.”

Things shift. The tried-and-true strategy that worked well on Tuesday may not be as effective on Thursday.

How to know when your SEO agency is performing well

5. Understand Your SEO Company’s Expectations

Have a clear idea of what you want your SEO to accomplish. Don’t terminate them because they aren’t doing what they’re meant to be doing.

Are they:

  • Content creation?
  • Creating backlinks?
  • Content auditing?
  • Are you focusing on local SEO?
  • Keep track of your link profile?
  • Developing new social media platforms?
  • Are conversion aspects being optimized?

They are only allowed to perform one thing. They are not allowed to do anything on the list above.

Have a clear understanding of what the SEO agency is doing for you from the start.

6. Keep tabs on your SEO agency

With every outsourced process, you must perform the following: Maintain vigilance.

Learn how they are doing. Look into what they’re up to. Request reports. Make an appointment with your account manager. Examine the reports they provide you, make inquiries.

Final thoughts

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Search Engine Optimization.

SEO will determine whether your internet company succeeds or fails. It’s much too crucial to entrust to just anybody, and you can’t afford to overlook black hat SEO, which might spell disaster for your business.

If you care about the success of your company, you’ll devote the time and resources necessary to SEO. Be patient and take your time to make sure the agency is a suitable match for your industry. It takes time to master SEO.

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